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hey heather!i have been meaning to email you ever since i went to the OBGYN awhile back.  i was telling her about my chronic UTIs (still get them weekly unless i drink over a gallon of water a day) and she suggested something that i had never considered.  she said that, because i feel like i have a UTI at least once a week but don’t always test positive for one, that it may actually not be UTIs at all.  she said that her theory is that it is a skin problem (kind of like eczema or something) that is present on the inner walls of the urethra/bladder and, just like your outer skin is irritated when you have something like eczema, the inner skin is irritated and in turn creates the same painful sensation that a UTI does.  ANYWAY~ i know you have learned a lot about UTIs and all that and just wondered if you have ever heard anything remotely close to this.  i thought it was strange that the three uerologists i’ve been to never mentioned it being something like this and was surprised to hear the theory.  i actually went to a different OBGYN this time around and so i had never had her opinion on the matter. so, just wanted to ask you about it! sorry that this is totally random!


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