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flashback friday round twenty.

January 8, 2010

wow, round twenty? craaazy.

i have to make this post super speedy because all my ladiesss are coming over in fifty eight minutes! eep! 

oh, by the way, amazing grass winner will be announced at the end.


breakfast was something new and delicious!

meal 1: egg white wrap @ 8:30 AM


first i smeared a high fiber, low carb la tortilla factory tortilla with a wedge of laughing cow cheese and about 1/4 of an avocado~


then i topped this with some egg whites that i actually made in the microwave.. super simple! i made them in a rectangle tupperware so they came out.. well, rectangular! duh.


i topped the egg whites with reduced sugar ketchup.


all wrapped up and ready to eat!


sooo good. SO GOOD.

yesterday i was a bottomless pit and today i was the complete opposite! like susan mentioned in my last post, it all balances out.

lunch came a whole lot later because this kept me full for ever.

meal 2: turkey+wasas+cottage cheese+tomatoes+avocado+black pepper @ 1:30 PM


mmmm.. this was so good TOO! i was all about delicious food today.  first, i mixed the cottage cheese with (canned) italian seasoned diced tomatoes.  this created a flavor similar to lasagna!  then i topped two wasas with turkey, the cottage cheese mixture, some avocado and black pepper. perfection.


since i ate lunch so late i only had an apple before the gym.  i didn’t take a photo because i ate it while driving. safety first!


today was a cardio + abs day according to my jamaican me bikini ready challenge.

i actually made this cardio routine up as soon as i hopped onto the elliptical!

two mile trio!

i decided to go two miles on the elliptical, two miles on the treadmill and finish up with two miles on the bike.  i had to go 45 minutes total, this is how it worked out:

elliptical: 15 minutes, 2 miles

minute # resistance
0-5 5
5-10 7
10-15 9

i just made sure that when i hit 7.5 minutes i was at one mile and then made sure to hit 2 miles by the time the timer hit 15 minutes.  i averaged at 90 RPMs.

treadmill: 20 minutes, 2 miles

minute # speed
0-1 3.5
1-2 5.5
2-3 6.0
3-4 6.5
4-5 7.0
5-6 7.5
6-7 3.5
7-8 5.5
8-9 6.0
9-10 6.5
10-11 7.0
11-12 5.5
12-13 6.0
13-14 6.5
14-15 7.0
15-16 7.5
16-17 5.5
17-18 6.0
18-19 6.5
19-20 7.0

i am a big numbers geek, so while i ran i calculated how fast i had to go in order to get my two miles in in twenty minutes while still accelerating the speed each minute.  this formula worked out to 2.1 miles! perfect. and it was fun.

bike: 10 minutes, 2 miles

minute # resistance
0-2 5
2-4 7
4-6 9
6-8 11
8-10 13

for this part, i knew i had to hit 0.2 miles with each minute so i would hit 2 miles in the 10 minutes.  i gauged my speed according to this calculation and it worked out perfectly!

this cardio was SO fun and it went by super quick! total time: 45 minutes.

i finished the workout off with 15 minutes of abs:

(i did each ab move for one minute and then moved onto the next for a total of three times through)

after the gym my appetite was raging so i threw the whole wait-an-hour-after-cardio rule out the window and devoured a nuts & cranberry luna bar before i could even think about taking a photo!

i got home and made two flavors of hummus for the girls night tonight! susan’s sunflower hummus and my own recipe for sun dried tomato basil hummus:


YUM!  i will post the recipe tomorrow!

i will show you the rest of the hors d’ouvres i whipped up when i post tomorrow. i gotta hurry and post this so no time to ramble!


flashback friday!

there was nothing significant for this week’s flashback post so i just decided to do “this day X number of years ago…” style post.


i was starting my second body for life challenge and loving up on my penny girl.

1-5-09 031

ziplock bags full of protein pancakes. something everyone should have a photo of, right?

1-5-09 036

i love this photo of penelope! i wonder where that hoodie of mine is.. hmm.. i miss it…


nothing exciting was happening in january 2008.. but here are a few candid shots!

1-11-08 005 1-11-08 011 1-11-08 013 1-11-08 009


in ‘07 i was having lots of fun in january. tons of parties! tons of snowboarding! lots of going out to the bar! here are some photos from the shenanigans:

 alex 019

alex 009

awe maaaaable!


joshinthetah017 joshinthetah014

hang time..alex 063 

bar time..alexkeg3 huka 005



in 2006 i hung out up at brighton (my local ski resort) a lot because my friends lived in a cabin up there. here are some photos from that..

1 313 1 208 1 212 1 224

and i had fun hanging out with high school friends..

The K 23 002 The K 23 001


wow i don’t even remember 2005! ha. here are some photos from january 2005 that i dug up..

2005 104 2005 099 2005 100

SO long ago! and my hair was WAY long!!

2005 427 2005 245 2005 248

well.. anything before 2005 was pre-digital. i am working on getting the oldies (but goodies!) scanned in for future flashback friday installments ;)

EVERYONE should go read deb’s flashback friday tribute to her momma. it is the best post ever.

did you participate in flashback friday? let me know and i will link back!


well kids.. i have to bail! 15 minutes before my friends arrive and i still have to get pretty!

i will be back tomorrow.. YAY.. saturday!


1. what is your favorite form of cardio? i have asked your favorite cardio MACHINE before.. but this question isn’t limited to machines.. i mean just your fave cardio in general.

2. what was your life like five years ago.. yep.. january of 2005? judging by the photos above.. i was drinking a lot of beer :P i was 21 years old and hanging out with the same lovely ladies.. dating a really lame guy who i really don’t care for at all anymore.. had a great dog (mable!) and, for the most part, was having fun being young.  but to be honest.. i like my life better now days! growing up is not so bad!

xo. janetha b.

p.s. the amazing grass winner is..



January 8, 2010 at 5:15 pm | #35

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Mmmm yes, I would love that stash!!

send me your mailing info! congrats. p.s. i can’t believe 55 people entered in like.. four hours. y’all love some amazing grass!


36 Comments leave one →
  1. January 8, 2010 8:44 pm

    That protein pancake photo cracked me up! Fave cardio…probably running! Swimming is up there too. In 2005 I was starting my 2nd year of university and living in a townhouse with four other girls…seems like forever ago!

  2. January 8, 2010 8:57 pm

    My favorite cardio is kickboxing or plyometrics!

  3. lowandbhold permalink
    January 8, 2010 9:11 pm

    I never have luck microwaving eggs. Looks awesome though!

    Fave form of cardio is dancing like a crazy person at a good show. That counts right?

    In 2005 I think I suffered my first real heartbreak. I was a sophomore in college and living with my brother getting drunk most every night and miraculously waking up hangover free. Miss those days, haha.

  4. Alyson permalink
    January 8, 2010 9:23 pm

    Love love Turkey, Avocado & Cottage Cheese together, so good and so underrated! Also that hummus looks fantastic!

  5. lindsayruns permalink
    January 8, 2010 9:35 pm

    Thanks for the comment girl! I’ve totally stolen your workout posting format, hope ya don’t mind. ;) I love your flashbacks…I should rescue my old pictures from the fried hard drive and flashback myself. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce permalink
    January 8, 2010 10:15 pm

    lol i LOVE the title of your last post, so funny. you always have the best photo flashback posts :)

  7. January 8, 2010 10:48 pm

    first of all..freaking amazing cardio workout! makes it more exciting having variety!! second of all..i want to hang out with you

    FAV cardio-spinning or running!!!
    5 yrs ago? hahah i was 15..getting my drivers permit WHOO

  8. January 8, 2010 11:37 pm

    You look so pretty in those pics! 5 years ago…I was 20 so I guess exactly 5 years ago I was either getting ready for my study abroad semester in spain or I was just getting there and starting to find my way around…hmm if I wasn’t too tired I’d post pics for a Flashback Friday…maybe next week ;-)

  9. January 9, 2010 1:06 am

    I think I am going to totally STEAL your moves for my workout today! I have been feeling like a hamster lately and that is NO good!
    Protein Pancakes….HOW??? Those would be so awesome to take into work and fold up in a burrito.
    Hey, I am going to launch a TEA PARTY…would you be interested in sending another blogger three bags of tea and announcing on your blog?

  10. January 9, 2010 5:06 am

    Ooh, I love the idea of mixing cottage cheese with canned tomatoes to make it lasagna-y!

    1. Favourite cardio is running or biking. But I can’t choose just one ;)

    2. Whoa, five years ago my life was crazy different. I turned 19 that month and was still living with my boyfriend at the time. I’d just got from managing a Starbucks to starting university. I also went to Cuba for the first time in Jan that year :)

    Hope you had fun with the gals last night!

    • January 9, 2010 5:07 am

      P.S! I did a FF Jamaica Edition just for you my dear!! xoxo

  11. January 9, 2010 5:27 am

    Yay for girl’s night!!! Enjoy lady. :)

  12. January 9, 2010 6:07 am

    My fave cardio is usually some form of HIIT and usually on the elliptical! I love it. And 5 years ago I was in my last year of college! Weird how time flies.

    Have you ever made mini loaves with your protein powders?? I love them as a snack and they are so filling. I usually use oat flour, protein, egg whites and some form of fruit. They are really good! Let me know if you want ideas!!

  13. emilytheexperimentarian permalink
    January 9, 2010 6:21 am

    Mmmm–isn’t that reduced sugar ketchup the best?? For my anniversary, my sister got me some Moroccan Spiced ketchup. Now that stuff is the bomb too! I did a little flashback for ya! You’ll have to check it out–it’s my wedding pics :) xoxo

  14. January 9, 2010 7:45 am

    My fave cardio is the elliptical, though I’m looking for ones I can do at home (that don’t involve going outside in 0* temps).

    Five years ago I was getting ready to marry my honey and getting everything together to transfer schools. 2005 was a huge year for me! Come July, I’ll do a FF with some wedding pics (and a current shot so y’all can see how much I haven’t changed, but my hubs has! LOL)

  15. January 9, 2010 8:09 am

    Your post is making me crave avocados!

    I have no idea what I was doing in January 2005. Seriously, no clue! I think that I lived with my best friend in an apartment that had a leaky wall, but I’m not really sure what year that was.

  16. January 9, 2010 8:27 am

    Oh that egg white wrap looks amazing!!

    I love running – nothing’s better than that.
    Jan 2005.. Let me think.. I seriously don’t know what I did then.. Probably just worked/went to school and hung out with my friends. Boring. :)

    Love the new layout by the way!

  17. January 9, 2010 8:49 am

    Mmm eggs+ketchup are soooo awesome!

    I loved this flashback, so many fun pictures!

    1. I really like spin class, but unfortunately I don’t take them when I’m at school, so next in line for a fave is the elliptical. I feel like it “simulates” spin for me.

    2. Oh gosh, I was a junior in high school, dating a nerdy guy who actually loved me, and really having a blast being with friends and just being a high schooler. Sometimes I think junior year was better than senior :)

  18. January 9, 2010 9:02 am

    That egg wrap looks delish! My fav cardio has to be running even though I haven’t been able to run for ages! January 2005 I had jsut moved to Barcelona the November before so my life was exciting!!!!!!!!! Have a fun weekend x x

  19. January 9, 2010 9:24 am

    Seriously I want that egg wrap now – love laughing cow & avocado…mmm. Fave cardio is definitely running…although I don’t love the treadmill. Not one bit.

  20. January 9, 2010 9:56 am

    Breaky wrap and lunch look sooo good!

  21. January 9, 2010 10:37 am

    Loved the flashback pics, we’ve had so many fun times over the last five years! Love you lb! xoxo

    • January 9, 2010 4:10 pm

      of course your comment was #22! my favorite number for my favorite person!

  22. January 9, 2010 11:56 am

    Haha, I just commented on you gievaway (like 2 minutes ago) asking if I was too late..haha, looks like it! Your eats look awesome for the day…those cottage cheese/avocado things for meal 2 look unreal!

    1. Running, when it’s warm outside
    2. I wish I had pictures to remind me. I was getting ready to go back to school I imagine, turning 20 years old, and probably doing a lot of snowboarding. :-)

  23. January 9, 2010 1:31 pm

    Love the flashback!

    1. Running, hands down. Zumba is a close second!
    2. In 2005 I was a junior in high school! lol I am a youngin’. Life was ok, I was having fun, but it is SO much better now. I mean, I didn’t have all my amazing bloggie friends, cooking, running, yoga or my amazing boyf! Life gets better as you get older, fo sho. ;)


  24. January 9, 2010 4:42 pm

    How is that reduced sugar ketchup? I’m tempted to try it, but I also love Trader Joe’s brand!

  25. January 9, 2010 5:15 pm

    I have absolutely no idea what I did on this day last year. Prob. watched TV and stayed in my PJs all day. Clearly, not much has changed.

    can’t believe it’s been 20 fridays already!! You have done some serious flash-backing and I’ve loved every second of it :) you rock my worlddd xoxo

  26. julie permalink
    January 10, 2010 8:50 am

    mmmmm love me some cottage cheese lasagne! one of my favies is to premix cottage cheese with salsaaaa te queiro or however you spell it haha

  27. January 10, 2010 6:15 pm

    Awwwww Maaaaaable. Heart her.

    “since i ate lunch so late i only had an apple before the gym. i didn’t take a photo because i ate it while driving. safety first!” Ha yeah that’s funny- i seem to recall about 86 other times where safety was obviously SECOND, and getting food down the gullet was FIRST! :-)

    You DID look like you were having loads of fun with your peeps. So pretty- your hair looks great long, short, bangs, no bangs.

    Protein pancakes in a ziplock? That looks pretty yummy! Uh, yeah, I’ve done worse. The worse was egg-white salad inexplicably with PB&J, then frozen, then defrosted while traveling on a plane, only to open my cooler (of course) to find red eggwhite mush.

    You must be a total brainiac to figure out how fast you’d need to run to finish 2 miles with all those variables-I would pop a few springs in the brain attempting that.

    And finally THANK YOU for that thoughtful shout-out about my FBF post on Friday- no wonder I got so many sweet comments on my momma…I should have known that all of your sweetie readers mosied on over! Thanks JB! You da bomb. Miss you.

  28. January 10, 2010 6:18 pm

    Oh, and fave cardio- either climbing stairs, mountain biking (if someone else will fill up my camelback, pump up my tires, make sure the repair kit is complete, pack my snacks and emergency kit etc…oh, and climbing only- that is the most fun), or jump roping.

  29. January 10, 2010 9:09 pm

    i just read deb’s flashback and started tearing up. so amazing.

    also amazing, those eats! and the flashback! gah, january 2005…i had just returned from studying abroad in london, getting my groove on and drank on at college, and LIVIN LIFE!

  30. eatolive permalink
    January 11, 2010 8:21 am

    totally didnt know you could microwave eggs! love that!!

    favorite form of cardio used to be running but now I enjoy doing a mixture of walking uphill on the treadmill and doing a HIIT on the arc trainer (makes me so sweaty which i love!)

    five years ago? wow, im not even sure. i was in college. probably drinking too much and eating crappy food! hahaha

  31. January 11, 2010 5:16 pm

    hahaha five years ago.. I was in 8th grade. I know, crazy right? I remember every girl liked this one guy, he was a total stud. Like STUD. January of 05, I wasn’t even 14 yet!

    Love the egg white wrap. I forget how much I love egg white burritos and such, just because I like to eat a lingering breakfast, and usually those I down in ten minutes or less. hehe.

    Great pics!


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